Glass Lid Soy Candle Line
Glass Lid candles soy candles

16 oz. Glass with lid - has 2 wicks and will burn in excess of 100 hrs, and leave very little to no black soot when burning.

10 oz Glass with lid - This candle will burn in excess of 60 hrs, and leaves no residual wax on the glass as it burns.

8 oz Glass with lid - This candle will burn in excess of 45 hrs, and burn completely down so you can clean the jar with
just soap and water. (remember soy is an all natural product it is derived from vegetables).

Enamel Cup Soy Candle Line

Our Large 36 oz Enamel mug will burn in excess of 160 hrs.
It has four cotton wicks for an even burn.

Our Medium 23oz Enamel Mug will burn in excess of 120hrs.
It has two cotton wicks for an even burn,
and is a great size for the kitchen.
Our 10 oz Small Enamel Mug will burn in excess of 60hrs.

Our Mini Enamel 5oz mugs are so cute,and are just a
great little gift or decoration.
This candle will burn in excess of 30 hrs.

When you're done burning the candle you can fill our mug with flowers,decorations or whatever you choose.

All our mugs have 100% soy wax.

Break Away Soy Melts


Breakaway Melts, for those of you who love to melt
your wax on a warmer, these are just the thing for you.
Break a couple pieces of wax away from the block and
place them on your warmer and start to smell the
wonderful aroma of the scent you have chosen.


Breakaway Melts now come in two sizes -
6 pack and 12 pack.

Car Air Fresheners

car air fresheners

Long lasting, you can use them in your car, bureau drawer, kids' gym bags, closets, etc...

Available in select scents.


Room Spray

room sprays

Just one a quick spray fills every room with its very own wonderful scent! Perfect to use at home, the office,
in your car, or any space you want to smell amazing. You can also spray your room spray on your curtains, rugs,
clothes you name it. If you want it to smell great just spray one burst and everyone will just love it!
This stuff is truly amazing, once you try it you’ll be hooked. Available in all scents.


Don't Bug ME Cintronella Candles

Don't Bug Me Cintronella candles

Citronella Candles will keep mosquitoes and other bothersome insects away from you and your family

while you enjoy your yard, campground or hanging out on your deck and the herbal smell of
our blend citronella and lemongrass essential oils.  
Our Citronella Candles come in two sizes, the 23 oz mason jar or the 8oz tin.
This amazing citronella candle is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


We take pride in our product
so please allow 7-14 business days for delivery.


When purchasing our soy candles you are helping out

special labels

Gift Basket


Gift Baskets and Special Labels
are available,
please call 978-895-2881
or email
for more information.

Always keep your wick
trimmed to 1/4"



*​All of our soy comes from Indiana
and Iowa. Candles will burn clean,
and completely down to the end.
All of our candle’s are dye free,
and we only use cotton wicks

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